Immigration & Corporate Law for High Performing Professionals




Employment Based Immigration

Cagniart Law works with businesses, high-performing individuals, and their families to help them obtain a visa or green card, allowing them to live and work in the USA legally. 

We can help you obtain a non-immigrant employment visa such as an O visa, L visa, P visa, H1B visa, or TN visa or an immigrant visa such as an EB1, NIW, EB2 or EB3 visa. 


Family Based Immigration

Family unification is an immigration policy that has helped shape the United States of today. Cagniart Law helps bring families together to pursue temporary or permanent opportunities in the USA by working with individuals who are seeking spousal, fiancé, or family visas to pursue or extend residency or citizenship in the USA. 

Cagniart Law offers assistance in most areas of family immigration: fiancé and spouse visas, permanent resident petitions, petitions to remove conditions on residence, family based immigration waivers, changes of status, extensions of status, adjustment of status, as well as waivers for inadmissibility.

Cagniart Law also offers naturalization representation as well as derivative and acquired citizenship though parents and grandparents. 

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Investor Based Immigration

Investment immigration was created to stimulate the US economy. Foreign investors are given the opportunity to live and build their business in the USA. In exchange they bring investment money, ideas and new jobs for Americans living in the USA.

Cagniart Law can help you obtain an L visa, E1/E2 visa or EB-5 visa.


Employer I-9 compliance, HR training, and raid defense

The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) requires employers to verify their employees’ immigration status. President Donald Trump has made it clear, through Executive Orders, that he intends to enforce these employment verification laws more rigorously and is proposing to hire 10,000 more U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, many of whom will focus on I-9 audits. 

The Trump administration vows to assess millions in civil penalties for I-9 violations and employment discrimination as employers are subject to unprecedented levels of legal scrutiny at all stages of the hiring and employment process. Small businesses across the country already have been assessed thousands of dollars in civil penalties for I-9 violations and some are also losing their business licenses and being squeezed out of the bid process for government contracts. 

Cagnart law can help establish good I-9 employment verification programs and policies, train human resources, conduct internal I-9 self-audits as well as respond to Notices of Inspection and Notices of Intent to Fine.