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Employment Based Immigration


Today, US businesses are competing with foreign ones for the best and brightest employees in the world. Companies need legal counsel not only when hiring foreign nationals but also before taking any action affecting the wage and hour status of these employees. Non-compliance with immigration laws can have serious consequences for both the employers and their foreign national employees. Cagniart Law helps clients coordinate and facilitates global immigration, whether it be relocation, recruitment or extensions for executives, artists, professionals, workers, investors, entrepreneurs and their accompanying family members. 

We are aware of how urgent employment-based immigration and visa needs can be and are proud to offer quick response times thanks to our outstanding professional customer service and our highly efficient intake and workflow processes.

We Offer Assistance with: 



extraordinary persons

Three-year non-immigrant visa for individuals who possess extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, athletics, or entertainment/media industry and who have been recognized nationally or internationally for those achievements 

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L-1 Visa
intra-company transferees

Non-immigrant visa that allows overseas companies to transfer executives and managers, including business owners, for up to seven years under the L1A visa and to transfer specialized knowledge employees under the L1B visa for up to five years to new or existing offices in the USA.

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P1 visa
internationally recognized
athletes or entertainers

Non-immigrant visa, which allows internationally recognized foreign nationals to enter the USA temporarily in order to perform or compete in a specific athletic or entertainment event

This visa allows the main applicant and any of their highly skilled coaching staff and/or support personnel to accompany them to the USA, so long as they can be considered an essential and integral part of the competition and/or performance. 

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TN Visa
NAFTA professionals

Non-immigrant NAFTA Professional visa allows citizens of Canada and Mexico, as NAFTA Professionals, to work in the United States temporarily in prearranged business activities for U.S. or foreign employers.


H1B visa
Professional workers

Non-immigrant visa for professional individuals working in specialty occupations seeking to enter the USA temporarily




Employment based Green Card for Priority workers

Employment based petition for permanent residence in the USA for those who are among the most able and accomplished in their respective fields. There are three types: 

  • EB1A (EB1-1): Persons of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics

  • EB1B (EB1-2): Outstanding professors or researchers

  • EB1C (EB1-3): Multinational managers or executives 

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Employment based Green Card for advanced degree holders

For professional foreign workers seeking permanent residency in the United States who have an employer-sponsor as well as an advanced degrees (Master’s or Doctorate) or the equivalent (ie: bachelors plus at least 5 years progressive experience in the field) or for foreign workers with exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business 


Employment based Green Card for Skilled workers

Employment based Green Card for skilled workers, professionals and other workers who have a bachelor’s degree or at least two years of training.  


National Interest

The NIW is for either individuals who fall under the EB-2 category or for certain physicians. They may self-petition and request that the Labor Certification be waived in the interest of the United States. 

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