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Cagniart Law Firm will plan and structure your enterprise to utilize maximum value and growth potential. This process is crucial for your business’s future development, as it will affect everything from your personal liability, ownership rights, and management of the day-to-day business activities; from the tax treatment of your company to the ability to finance your business. We pride ourselves in ensuring that you understand the implications of your choices, choose the entity that is best adapted to your needs, and have the means to properly form, protect and carry out your business. In order to comply with State laws, we can draft and register your Tax IDs, Employer IDs, Sales Tax Permits, New Hire Reports, and Contracts, while protecting your intellectual property rights and strategically planning to minimize your tax exposure.

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Safeguard your investment by letting Cagniart Law take care of your legal issues correctly and promptly so that you can continue focusing on what you do best.A proper legal structure and solid contracts will put your business on track for success, giving you the predictability that you need so that when circumstances change, your business will continue to run smoothly. We make sure to understand not just the transaction but also your entire business, so we can provide you with the most practical and thoughtful agreement for your legal needs — all within a budget.We will collaborate with you to develop the right legal solution. Because we understand your needs, we offer reasonable, transparent fees for all of our services, which you can choose based on your current requirements and budget. We have two rates: a standard flat rate fee for start-ups and small businesses with minimal risk management needs, and a higher rate for companies that require more complex agreements. Our fee arrangements reflect the uncompromising high quality and standards of service we provide to each of our clients and are efficient, affordable, and have no hidden costs.  

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The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) requires employers to verify their employees’ immigration status. President Donald Trump has made it clear, through Executive Orders, that he intends to enforce these employment verification laws more rigorously and is proposing to hire 10,000 more U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, many of whom will focus on I-9 audits.

The Trump administration vows to assess millions in civil penalties for I-9 violations and employment discrimination as employers are subject to unprecedented levels of legal scrutiny at all stages of the hiring and employment process. Small businesses across the country already have been assessed thousands of dollars in civil penalties for I-9 violations and some are also losing their business licenses and being squeezed out of the bid process for government contracts. 

CagnIart law can help establish good I-9 employment verification programs and policies, train human resources, conduct internal I-9 self-audits as well as respond to Notices of Inspection and Notices of Intent to Fine.



A business’s most valuable assets are often intangible forms of intellectual property that may frequently be overlooked and left unprotected. We can help you register your trademarks and copyrights as well as work with you to plug and prevent intellectual property leaks. We can also assist you in protecting your rights as well as preparing agreements allowing others to use or market your intellectual property rights.


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